Wine Estate Valéry RENAUDAT

Our History and Traditions at Reuilly and Quincy

Creation of the Estate

The estate team is set up on 2.5 hectares of vines, divided between the Reuilly and Quincy appellations.

Opening of the Domaine’s point of sale

In order to welcome customers to the Domaine, a point of sale is open at 3 place des écoles in REUILLY. In addition to the wines from the Domaine, customers can also find a selection of local products.

Cellar construction

Realization of a cellar, a long-term project which is particularly close to the heart of the estate team. This new cellar makes it possible to optimize the vinification of the cuvées, to improve their qualities and to equip themselves with a high-performance production tool that is comfortable to work with.

Creation of a new cuvée “Le Sentier”

In order to diversify the range, Valéry Renaudat produces a new cuvée called “Le Sentier” made from the Pinot Noir grape from “old vines”, matured for 12 months in barrels after vatting for 5 weeks.

Creation of two new wines

In order to meet customer demand, two new vintages were created: “P’tit Renaudat Pinot Noir” and “P’tit Renaudat rosé” sold in 75 cl bottles and 5 liter B.I.B.

 label HVE

extension of the cellar + offices

A few words about Valéry Renaudat

Born in Berry, he grew up among the vines of the Reuilly appellation.

After studying wine in Burgundy, he began his professional experience in the United States, before returning to perfect his knowledge in Bordeaux and Burgundy.

He then returned to the lands of the AOC Reuilly and the AOC Quincy.

“I am attached to these two vineyards which bring a beautiful complementarity to the whites and demonstrate that from the same grape variety – the sauvignon – the sandy and gravelly terroirs of the wines of Quincy and clay-limestone of the wines of Reuilly play their role. This attachment also has family origins, since my grandfather was one of the initiators of Pinot Noir in the Reuilly Appellation. “


Reasoned agriculture is one of its priorities, just as much as respect for the terroirs.

The Domaine team

The Domaine team is made up of 6 people, divided into 2 divisions:

  • The administrative and commercial part
  • The vineyard and cellar part

Our production

HA AOC Quincy
HA AOC Reuilly
HA I.G.P Val de Loire
bouteilles commercialisées

The wines of Domaine Valéry Renaudat

With quality for pleasure as a credo, the estate team has chosen to manage its vines in a reasoned manner. So phytosanitary products and fertilizers are used sparingly. Depending on the plots, controlled grassing and tillage are practiced.



disease pressure


growth of the vine

carrying capacity of the floor

soil reserves

So many parameters that guide our action in the vineyards.

The Domaine cultivates vines in the Reuilly and Quincy appellations and offers wines made from three grape varieties:

  • The Pinot Noir that Valéry Renaudat likes to work in memory of his grandfather who was one of the initiators in Reuilly
  • Sauvignon, a grape variety common to both appellations but which are distinguished by their soil: clay-limestone in Lignis for Reuilly and gravels in Nouzats for Quincy
  • Pinot Gris, which gives Reuilly A.O.C its characteristic onion skin color

During the Jurassic era, the sea gradually filled the Center-Loire region then emerges and then returns on numerous occasions and thus deposits, depending on the sea depths, layers of marine sediments: limestones, clays, containing different types of fossils, including ammonites. This is where the ammonite we find on the label of our REUILLY comes from.

During the Cretaceous era, the sea will retreat and then return and deposit layers of chalk: hence the name Cretaceous. On these will be deposited layers of sand and gravel which will give birth in the Tertiary era to flint clays and other shells which will be represented on the label of our QUINCY.

IGP P’tit Renaudat Sauvignon

IGP P’tit Renaudat Pinot Gris

IGP P’tit Renaudat Pinot Noir

AOC Reuilly – Le sentier

AOC Reuilly rouge

AOC Reuilly rosé (gris)

AOC Reuilly blanc

AOC Quincy

5 marketing niches

Individuals – Cafés, Hotels, Restaurants – Wine merchants – Export – Wholesalers

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